Simply Red

"The Old Man and the Beer"

There is no place to hide now
There is no need to be here
She left me all behind now
I cry into my beer

Her words have left me cold now
She's gone not far but too near
Still see her every day now
I cry into my beer

Sometimes words are wrong
When they tell you, how you're feeling
Well I'm a long lost day
I just linger on
I'm still searching for a way of carrying on

I cried all day
Oh what a fool that day
It hurt me when you were gone
I'm hurt but then I deserved it when two love lives turned to one

I gaze down from my window
The apartment we shared for years
She's laid there in the ground now
I cry into my beers

No games of love for me now
No way, no one can be near
I've left it all behind now
I cry into my beer
I cry into my beer
I cry into my beer

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