"2020 Rhyme"

I can not believe it
2020, a brand new decade
This just coming in:
A-F-R-O, drop a rhyme
Yo, check it
Yo, yo

I'm dropping 2020 vision in 2020 incisions
With 2020 inches dropping 2020 victims
I'm 2020 tempted top the 2020 hit list
Leaving simple somber rhymers in 2020 all defenseless
Nickle with diamond n*ggas turning 2020 pennies
2020 rhymes, add another 20 and it's plenty
I'm 22 in 2020 'bout to be 23 in August
By then I demolish 2020 MC's, I'm on it
2020 shots in 2020 blocks
With 2020 n*ggas ripping up the f*cking spot
But foolery, they ain't ready
Ain't new to me, any setting
The hooligan 2020, I rule again
Listen n*gga
A-F-R-O flow and don't forget the dashes
The escargot go, the flow is in the classics
Better celebrate the new year
The dude in the new decade
Who do it for the fans and the peers
The beat continue
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