"I’m Your Baby Tonight"

[Verse 1: Jada Wilkes]
From the moment I saw you
I went outta my mind
Though I never believed in love at first sight
But you got a magic, boy
That I just can't explain
Well, you got a, you got a way
That you're making me feel
I can do, I can do anything for you, baby
I'll be down for you, baby
Lay all my cards out tonight
Just call on me, baby
I'll be there in a hurry
It's your move, so baby
Baby, decide

[Chorus: Jada]
Whatever you want from me
I'm giving you everything
I'm your baby tonight
You've given me ecstasy
You are my fantasy
I'm your baby tonight

[Verse 2: Jada]
From the second you touched me
I was ready to die
I've never been fatal
You're my first time
I feel like an angel
Who just started to fly
Well, you got a, you got a way that you're making me
Feel I can, feel I can, do anything for you, baby
I will fly for you, baby
Hold on and enjoy the ride
I'm not in no hurry
We can fly all night, baby
It's your move, now, baby
Baby, let's fly
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