"Blink-182 - “NINE” Review"

Blink-182 - "NINE" Review
By: Jentrick Pollywag

Punk rock band blink-182’s untitled ninth studio album was released on Friday, September 20th. This album is the first project they’ve released since the deluxe version of their album “California” in late 2017. The album includes fifteen tracks, ranging from their classic genre of punk rock, to some slower rock songs, and then to some straight up pop songs. Overall, the album was mediocre. The only songs I liked were the rock songs that stayed in their original style, but the pop ones were utter trash. Throughout the album, those two genres were split about half and half so I’m going to call this album mediocre. Mainly just because I was expecting another blink-182 album, not 7 more tracks of a blink-182 album

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