Whitney Peyton

"Cardi B - GET UP 10 - ONE TAKE REMIX"

"Your short, your flat, you don’t get enough sun"
The way they talkin’ actin like I got a trust fund
I rely on me for money that's "trust" funds
I never sleep unless I check my list of stuff done
I’ve been grindin' for a minute I’m just getting on
So careful who you’re looking down upon and spitting on
I’m climbin' higher so positions swap, I played it friendly
You about to see a different broad, I swear to god
I checked my inbox your girls in my DMS
Ain't checkin for the haters BIRD BOX i don’t see 'em
I'm eatin’ so if you actin’ ODD don’t EVEN
Come to me with problems save the gossip for ya weak friends
Ooo "you ain't ratchet enough!
You ain't crazy into drugs? You ain't batsh*t enough!
You ain't starting any drama? You attraction no buzz!"
Yo, this new generations really cracking me up
So back it up, yea I'm pristine with the sixteens
I rap, rap handle bars like a six speed
I don’t beef, only small timers diss me
So why bother turnin b*tches into minced meat?
I sense greed y’all offended that I live dreams?
I’m so deaf to these Monica Lewinskys
Yo, get your monocle, don’t miss me
You know "so and so"? I don’t believe these Ripley's
Ripped Lees on my legs as I’m running that
My ex with you now? I don’t really want ‘em back
I’m good, in fact my flows attract these suitors
Kama Sutra with these commas, makin' dollars
Now they holla “You's a snack!!"
Oooh now i get it how i live it, yea
I’m grown now, takes a lot to get me livid, yea
I'm f*ckin "driven" in my own lane
It's kinda insane cause I used to drive a lemon, yea
I'm f*ckin sayin’ since way back when
Knock me down 9 times but i get up 10
Yea go ahead yup push me again
Knock me down 9 times but i get up 10

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