Whitney Peyton

"I Got It"

This how you doing me?
Industry treated me ugly I’ve taken it beautifully
So many hate on me nobody bodied me
Go ahead show me that eulogy
I got no warm welcome
Up in this b*tch and it’s feelin like 2 degrees
You got an instagram model?
Well I got a b*tch who got two degrees
Who really getting it? who really ain't?
Who’s on the internet? who’s in your face?
Who’s on the facebook? who’s on the stage?
I stay on tour for like 200 days, yearly
I know these labels can hear me
b*tches gon' act like I’m failing’
I don't do mumble I’m sayin it clearly
I spit it i mean it sincerely
Half of these critics be calling me ugly
Half of em wish they were f*ckin me
Its hard to tell who be dissing me
From all the one’s who in love with me
Ooo its so humbling
Does she do rap or do rock?
Does she do men or do women?
Been this way since the beginning
I Guess I’m no good at decisions
Don’t need permission to be who i am
Im on a mission Im up 2 AM
I fell in love with the pen
Hip hop don’t love me? then f*ck the consent
I been making this bread
Last year I bought 2 cars
Next year think buyin a benz
Last year i was stabbed in the back
Its cool I’ve been finding’ new friends

I- I- I got it
Don’t worry bout me
Don't you worry bout me, I

I- I- got it
(ah, ah, ah, ah)

Y’all tryin make all these femces be enemies
Just for the drama it's f*ckin' upsetting
Shout out to Reverie, shout out to Snow
Shout out Nova and Debbie
Shout out Justina, Alyssa Marie
Gangsta Boo, every one else that i missed
Media been on some sh*t actin like only 1 chick can exist
We got a list
And I’m given no f*cks about top 50
I don’t want fans who do not get me
I been suicidal and down at the bottom
So none of this gossip is botherin' me
I’m proud of me, the clouds were surrounding me
I used all the lightning to power me
I grow when i soak up the mud and the puddles
From others who wanna rain down on me
I got the urge! I got the urge to come and kill it
Been a minute since I had this feelin
Now I’m re-incentivized and reinvented
What a blessing’, I get that work (I get that work)
Thats in my DNA thats in my bloodline
I’m finna be ok baby its crunch time
I don’t take breaks or do lunch time
Trust me, I’m feelin so lonely
I think that nobody knows me
Its kinda weird to be young in the game
But so deep in the pain that you feel like an OG
Been on the main stage, still treated like nosebleeds
I changed my hair and appearance
To symbolize there is no way
That I feel like the old me (got it)


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