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"Throughout history many extremely creative people have been exceptionally prone to procrastination
There are stories of authors, actors, inventors, politicians, artists etc
All having bouts of procrastination so obvious and problematic that it was recorded for me to read about hundreds of years after
The most interesting and surprising example of these stories is Leonardo da Vinci
Arguably the most intelligent and ingenious man in history
This is a man who said he regrets never having completed a single work"

You either looking for the Christ or the Anti
I'm just looking for the sh*t to make my head high
Looking for the next up to make rank I
Got these motherf*ckers by a landslide
I'm about to break a few ankles, you get the picture I'ma take a few angles
Take it for just a f*cking mixtape I'ma murder sh*t and leave you can light a few candles
It shouldn't be a problem yet they looking at me sideways and they talk about "fam" but man we ain't from the same stitch
I spend more money when I save more time so I don't really spend alot of time with my b*tch
That's prolly why she ain't with me, few haters got a few barrels aimed at me
And we almost there; the coupe two door
Matter fact, give a f*ck, I need a few more
Is that the only motivation or the mode of transportation
I digress, I was in the kitchen with no apron
You don't know the feeling 'less you in the situation
I re-wrote the script, ripped out some pages
The kush I smoke like Holyfield, bad b*tch in my automobile, both her and my whip
Hotter than hell but I got a few bars so I prolly don't care
Nah, Outta my mind so I don't pay none to em, the end will begin soon
What's it look like
I don't pay none to em, the end will begin soon
What's it look like

"When he was commissioned to paint the Last Supper he would come in some days stare at the canvas for hours make one brush stroke and leave
When there were complaints about his delay, he wrote to the head of the monastery and said the only reason why it was taking him so long is because he was stuck on trying to find the villainous face of Judas
He said if he wasn't allowed to take his time and find the face he had in mind, then he would paint the face of Judas with the features of the one who complained
It took him 4 years to finish that painting"

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