"A Brief History"

This is for the order
This is a history, a brief history
Of a music, that knows no boundaries
Have to reach far away to the next generation

[Verse 1]
I remember when it started
Seems so long ago now
Sublime and Stoopid they led it
Then us and Reb came along
And now Sticks coming up hot
And Dirty's always been in
Then Em & Amy saw something that all of us saw as well

I don’t wanna lie to you
But it breaks my heart in two
I just wanna live forever
We all do, we all do
And every word I ever say
I'm telling you the truth, truth
Cause I don't wanna lie to you
I don’t wanna lie to you

[Verse 2]
We're all just following those footsteps from when we were kids
Like our first time in Hawaii
Like our first time in Brazil
Like that first time at the Grammy's
I didn't win and I cried
I heard my man LAS say, "Jake, I love watching you try."
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