Raf Simons* lyrics


Young Jordan

[Chorus: Young Jordan]
Uh, uh, uh
Yeah (Woah)
Uh, bad lil' b*tch, she wit' it (Uh)
Got a lil' b*tch, she wit' it (Let's go)
Got a lil' ...

[Verse: Young Jordan]
Lil' b*tch, this Raf Simons
Lil' b*tch, this Raf Simon

[Verse: Playboi Carti]
Young n*gga rob the bank, uh
My mask is Raf Simons, yeah
Play with that cash (Hold up)
Young n*gga got cash, yeah
Big slatt, big mob, yeah
Walk 'round with bags, yeah
Carti got a b*tch all in it (Yeah)
All of my slimes, we litty (Yeah)
Whole lotta bag, lil' fifties (Hol' up)
Whole lotta bag, let's get it (Slatt)
I'm in that b*tch with a blicky (Slatt)
I'ma let that motherf*cker hang out
You ain't louda cap, the hangout (Counter fo')
Lay your ass down where you hang out (Cash)
Stupid little b*tch gon' bite down (Slime)
Got my dog with me, I ain't big now
Turn the b*tch down, you ain't lucky (Yeah)
Handle my dough, you ain't lucky
Diamonds on me like typhoon
Shoot by myself, I ain't got goons
Smoke big gas (Gas)
Smell like perfume (Gas, gas)
I got a ho in Clevеland (Cash)
I f*ck with her and she bleeding (Yeah, yеah)
Shawty a demon (Yeah, yeah)
Carti a demon (Yeah)
Carti a demon (Yeah, I guess)
Still in Celine (R.I.P. my n*gga)
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