"Trouble Hunters (DANCEHALLHORNSOUND!!!! Remix)"

I ain't never been any good at ad-libs
Just gonna have to put some interesting sh*t in here, Fishr
I can't go reading the Declaration of Independence as an intro to a rap song, you know what I'm sayin?
Alright, let's do this

(One! Two! Three! Four!)

I know it's hopeless
Hell ain't big enough to hold us back
Come on, let's pick a fight
We hunt for trouble tonight

I know it's hopeless
Hell ain't big enough to hold us back
Come on those boys are right
We hunt for trouble tonight

Tonight, tonight
Tonight, tonight
Tonight, tonight, tonight

We hunt for trouble with our fingers dipped in blood
We load our rifles with a hangman's heart
If reunited for the last sunlight
The snake they cut into parts'll come back to life
My brother Benjamin is off in France
We're taking Trenton back again
The garrison of Hessians will fall
They say the Delaware will freeze a man
We're chasin' johnny sovereigns across the Styx and dodging the ice floes
It's all on Honeyman, our mole inside the ivy that grows
It's so unnatural to see this leaf so far from its home
We must deracinate the weed, proceed
To drive that motherf*cker right up outta the loam, oh
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