"Down and Out in the Bold New City of the South (DANCEHALLHORNSOUND!!!! Remix)"

The sun came in over on the building ridge
And 56 feet below, a Dominican jogs his path to death 'round paint stained block
While the chief turns on the radio and cracks a Steel Reserve
I wonder how many of last night's lovers double parked

This city swallows men
He tells me tales of places that he ran and ran from
Never ever to return again
It's funny in luck and love
You can never remember the moment you fell in
But you recall when you fell out of touch

The city's hushed, keepin' it's secrets
The sunshine is blinding, riding, hiding wrinkles and creases
Beautiful features chipped, cracked, crippled, brittled and weakened
Tragic pageant queen bleeds; soft focus keepin' her even

The city's breathing, I feel it coming awake
Every exhalation creates a gray across the skyscape
Like the sky's a looking glass and in the fog, the dirty breath left
We can etch our dreams and wipe it clean before they see

I get tore up, I get tore up under city lights
Tore up every city, I get tore up under city lights
I get tore up, I get tore up under city lights
Tore up under city lights, tore up under city lights
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