"Rotten To The Core"

Tell me was it all worth it, to watch your kingdom grow?
All the anchors in the ocean haven’t sunk this low.


You are rotten to the core.
So who’s left to count the cost?
Beneath the ruin lies a story of the lives lost.
Now we’re gone, left without a trace,
but we took something they cannot replace.

A match made in heaven, paved the road to hell.
We’ve been down this path before.
Cold blooded retribution.
So f*ck your revolution.

You chew up peace and spit it out as war.
You’ve been feeding the wolf that’s waiting at the door.
You are rotten to the core.

We found your fingerprints all over the trigger.
If you’re looking for tyrants,
take a look in the mirror.

You knew all along,
that the cancer would spread,
so don’t be surprised to find a price on your head.
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