"Risk It All"

[Verse 1:]
I was gonna be your rebound
Now when we're creepin' round
Ain't got know 'bout the change
Tried to give her too much
Baby lemme give you just enough
You're set for me now
Come in my safehouse
And lemme put the pressure on ya
Lemme put that body on tuck
Can you just sex that lovin'?

I know you don't ride
Girl, wish we didn't tire
I had to take you out it
From the day you made me retire
You should be my final
Walking down an isle

No, we ain't gotta talk about it
Don't talk about it
I'd risk it all about ya
I'm standing tall behind ya
If you fall I gotcha
No, we ain't gotta talk about it
I'mma walk about it
I'd risk it all about ya
If you're lost I'll find ya
Rip them panties off ya (No, naw)
Thought if I had intention (No, naw)
You got my attention
Those girls in my mentions (Yeah)
Ain't the one I'm missing
Gotta be (Gotta be)
You and me (You and me)
Need you more (Need you more)
But you're using me (Using me)
Satisfied (Satisfied)
Truthfully (Truthfully)
But if he's around (Around)
Don't get used to me
I love you better than he can
I wanna be your best friend

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