OG Parker

[Chorus: Jacquees]
You been choosin' f*ck n*gga after f*ck n*gga
I see your decisions, really startin' to f*ck with you
I can make love to you, run it up with you
Promise nobody would ever f*ck with you
Same reason you don't f*ck with 'em, I dont f*ck with 'em
They just wanna f*ck, yeah, a real f*ck n*gga
But if that's all you need, tell me I can f*ck wit you?
You ain't gotta lie to kick it, I'ma f*ck with you

[Verse 1: Trouble]
You a freak, I'm just freakin' you out
I go deep, call it beatin' you out
You discreet, keep your secret with me
I remember you playin' Jacquees
In your bed, then we leave to your floor
You want bread but I still give you dough
And you care, bae, I get out my head
Friend ain't sh*t, you been pickin up habits
Solid one, where you at? Let me see
Put your hand down this ripley's believe it
You so use to totin' all the baggage
Who gon' hold it down if you were draggin'?
Said you'd be there, I see you like barely
Taught you everything, I'm just like daddy
Be yourself, don't accept it then f*ck 'em
Don't show love, 'less somebody else does
And that's crazy
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