Aha Gazelle


I should have never applied
I don't belong in enterprise
I thought the limit was a sky
Not selling other people rides
Now I'm tryna sell a lie
That I'm here for the long ride
As soon as I blow up it's bye
As soon as I blow up it's
Straight to the runway
Got some people who gon' say
That I'm going the wrong way
'Cause they didn't go they own way
You must think that I'm, you
Tryna take all my fun away
I just give 'em a pump fake
I know some people gon' hate
But I can't let them dictate
How I play my game, how I shoot
Let me see your hands, raise the roof
Can I get a hand, no masseuse
Never sell my soul just to get some fans
Got a ceiling fan in my room
Uh, I feel like Boosie when I zoom
I do all my problems like balloons
Let 'em go and send them to the moon
Then I watch 'em go up like Elijah

Then I start to pray like "Our Father"
I got something real strong in my bottle
Like you not strong enough for my problems
And my favorite excuse is I got it
When I don't wanna talk I switch the topic
Not afraid to die they know I'm 'bout it
'Cause you can't get to heaven on a rocket
I need to stop and focus on surviving
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