Aha Gazelle

"Take the Lead"

Yeah, uh
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
It's Aha man
I like this Ruffin, Ruffin I like this

God told me, time to take the lead
But He told me not to change speed
Told me start watchin' what I eat
I'm lettin' things inside, it's killing me
I know the blood can heal all disease
But it doesn't mean it's right for me
To take everything that I want, ignoring everything that I need

Ain't nobody looking out for me
But they want to come and look and see
All around me, all I see is greed, envy, lust, pride and jealousy
God I really wanna do to them
The same way that they was doing me
All this hate is gonna ruin me
I should leave, so I chose a new location
Started budgeting and started saving
And ignoring every single craving, every craving, every craving
Keeping my belt fastened, even if she got a fat ahh
Life's more than satisfaction

Stop looking for it then it happens (Cool)
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