Aha Gazelle



Waterfalls (Waterfalls)
I never thought the ride down would be wonderful
I feel phenomenal
I am unstoppable
I was taught that anything is possible
So why think logical? (Oh)
I never thought the ride down would be wonderful (Wonderful)
I feel phenomenal (Phenomenal)
I am unstoppable (Unstoppable)
I was taught that anything is possible (Oh yeah)
So why think logical?

It's Aha man
I might rip your jacket off because you're not that cold
You keep on tellin' stories that we already know
Now you bent out of shape, we all knew you'd fold
Did it on the biggest stage 'cause I'm just that bold

Vampin' in the kitchen with my black cape on
Only one eye still workin' on my stove but I could see it all
But what it really mean if I'ma live to see tomorrow
I gotta play it smarter, go
They really good but they still not me (There's only one)
But I can sit around and wait for you to see (I gotta leave)
Wait a minute let me gather all my things (Wait a minute)
I'm separating all my wants from all my needs (Ooh-wee)
Vroom, vroom, let me change my speed (Where you goin'?)
Style more, for some clean white tees (Whatchu doin'?)
They don't say a little, savin' up my cheese (Yes indeed)
I'm a saint, so this finna be a breeze (Cool)
I asked for help, they did the opposite of G's (And)
I held the door and I watch everybody leave (And)

Six-six, but I ain't in the league (And)
The weight up on my shoulder really hurt my knees (So whatchu do?)
I lost some weight so now it's easy on my joints
(What they do?)
They lyin' on me like they playin' for Detroit, uh
I make 'em scared because I never raise my voice
Even when I'm tryna prove a point
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