Aha Gazelle

"Missed Call"

[Interlude: Reg Rob]
Man this dude don't ever answer the phone
Voicemail again
Wow, what's happening with you, Aha baby? This your boy, Reg Rob
Man, what's up? Why you never answer the phone?
Anyway, man, I'm just getting off set, man-- just wrapped Black Lightning
Well, actually, I did Tyler Perry's The Haves and the Have Nots first, then, Black Lightning
Now, I'm just wrapping this project, Sacrifices, gonna be on BET Plus, I'm playing this crazy killer named Mack
Man, anyway, bruh, answer the phone man
We supposed to be family. I thought I was your brother, brother!
Missing my calls, alright man, shoot
When you get this, man, hit me back, man
You [d]on'[t] be on Instagram no mo'; you deleted all your stuff
Anyway, hit me up bruh-- Reg Rob
Dang, why you so mysterious?
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