I Got Arrested lyrics



This is true story
No lies

[Verse 1]
I was drivin' through Texas and I was close to the border
I was fresh off of blunt, I was kinda disordered
We had some weed in the glove box, maybe a quarter
I ain't got no time to get my sh*t in order
I ran a cop checkpoint, just came outta the blue
I was panicin', askin' my homies "What should we do?"
I rolled down the window smokin' [?]
I told the cops I was coughing because I had the flu
They told us "Get outta the van and go the [?] on the road"
I'm scared as hell so honestly I'ma do what I'm told

Yeah, I'm on long way from home

[Verse 2]
I'm not exaggеrating when I say I p*ssed in my pants
Becausе [?] German shephard sniffin' the van
They were tearin' through our luggage, throwin' sh*t everywhere
What'd I do to deserve this? I swear this sh*t isn't fair
The sun was goin' down and gettin' dark as a b*tch
They let the dogs in the van, they started parkin' and sh*t
They said they lookin' for emigrants
I told them that we're citizens
Man, what kinda bullsh*t is this?
Knew we shoulda got rid of this
We forget we left our homie so high in the back
I swear to God this the last time I'm buyin' [?]
He was asleep under a blank
And it looked like we smuggled him
I was tryna tell the cops with my words we're just fumbling
"Ah, excuse me officer, I'm high right now
And honestly, I don't really wanna die right now"
They had two AKs strapped up on they belt
"Please call off the dogs, they don't need to attack
We're just a couple dumb kids they got way too smack
And honestly I'm really hungry, why'd you throw off my snacks"
"We're lookin' for real criminals
Not you dumb individuals"
Got on my knees and thanked God this sh*t was Americal
Almost gettin' arrested wasn't part of the plan
They took our weed and told us "Get gone in the van"
I told myself "I would never go through this again"
[?] I was really gettin' high with my friends

True story
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