[Verse 1]
Her hair ablaze with auburn strands
Her eyes are glazed with worry
Pale hands that reach from the water
Cross-legged on the dock
Moonshine upon the surface
She's a body, not herself
Not a lover but a service

Took too long to see that she was just a bosom for his cheek
Just a pillow for his head
Just a scream amidst the reeds tangled 'round and 'round her legs
But she prayed that he would see that though the love was strong enough
She was drowning

See here lay the problem
Resting on the riverbed
Smothered in sand and pyrite
It's if her needs had died
For he brushed them to the side
As an old writer brushes paper from his desk
But as you stare you see it's blank
Two wrongs don't make a right
Two hands stay intertwined
These days turn into night with quick succession causing fright
She can't control the time
She can't escape the lime that tastes so goddamn bittersweet
So she'll see him tonight
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