The 49ers

"Brother’s Keeper"

Verse 1: Marchitect
Now it's the greatest story, that almost never happened
Had I listened to the people back when we started rapping
They be like, "yo your boy he's unorthodox"
But I knew we had the balance like the equinox
They tried to split us up, divide and conquer us
Pull the wool but to us it was obvious
Like this one label they would do dumb things
Tell me another thing and tell Jas one thing (why)
But we family like we got the same blood
For years we did the same thing we're even from the same hood (you know what it is)
Same struggle trying to make the name bubble
From the start when you're picked apart and none of the dames love you (you know)
Now we're looking for the two faced snake type
They spread the bad vibes just because they hate life
But if you're dissing Jas, you're dissing 49
You're dissing Marchitect, I told you this is more than rhymes

Hook: Marchitect
It gets much deeper cause I'm my brother's keeper
And I ain't never slipping and he don't slip either
It gets much deeper cause I'm my brother's keeper
And he ain't never sleeping and I don't sleep either

Verse 2: Jas Mace
What you think I'm stupid, you think Cupid hit the bull's eye (huh, just think)
Well he missed by a mile (uh huh)
And I see through your smile and peeped your whole game
Like it's the championship don't know what you think
I don't know what you thought (I don’t know)
Like I would turn my back on my brother
Don't you know it's like we got the same mothers (same mothers)
Ain't nothing different (uh uh)
Cause I could walk in his crib without knocking and go straight to the kitchen (to the kitchen)
Open up the fridge and grab me a drink and (it's like that)
Prepare me a sandwich but you can't understand that (nah)
Because you're selfish only thinking about yourself
It's disgusting, changing colors like you're rusting (uh)
Telling me one thing
And Tec the opposite
Well now you got to sit in your own sh*t
But that's what you get for dropping it (that's what you get)
I feel no remorse (uh huh)
So don't make me use force as I show you to the door (see ya)
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