The 49ers

"Put It Down"

Verse 1: Marchitect
I make suckers sink like Tweet Deck, the rest of your fleet jets
I'm putting in work not resting my feet yet (nah)
So let the word spread like a leaflet
We can't be contained or kept like a secret (uh)
My impact is heavy like Shoemaker Levy
And my Moonraker laser will daze you my aim's steady
My goals are lofty, back up off me
You thought you were nice until you got iced like coffee
Off the plane or the train in the sun and the rain
I get up in your brain like a cup of the grain (uh)
Alcohol I'm about to call a hundred suckers out
I'm like that moment of silence you suckers shut your mouth
Until I give you permission that you can speak again
I write sick rhymes with a diseased pen
Rhyme flu, swine flu, but I don't like pigs (nah)
We fathered this but without the white wigs

Hook: Jas Mace & Marchitect
I put it down for my people from the east to west
See, to be the best you got to beat the best
I put it down for my people from the north and south
The whole wide world know what I'm talking about
We put it down

Verse 2: Jas Mace
I never let a critic determine how I'm living
I still put it down behind bars like prisons
An inmate forever in the system (forever)
There's something missing and I'm on a mission
To bring it back to the essence they got to do the lessons (do them)
But they'd rather be a dunce with the blunts and the drinks
They don't think, got the wrong enemy out of sync with the U.N.I (U.N.I)
It's U.N.I, 49 put it down like we're racing with the time (uh huh)
And the finish line is right in front of our eyes (there it is)
So we move at Godspeed take heed ain't no surprise
All the trails and tribulations we overcame with patience (know it)
Riding the airwaves and taking over stations
From the basements to the attics
We got it for the pure addicts (uh)
Causing a massacre starting sh*t like Crispus Attucks (yeah)
Attack like a savage emcee
Starving artist on the loose and we refuse to loose
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