The 49ers

"What’s The Meaning"

Verse 1: Jas Mace, Takatsuki Katsuki, Marchitect, & Semmy
Jas Mace
Grab a pen let's begin aien kien
After the first meeting now we're family and friends (you know)
You can pretend that you know but the meaning is humorous
49 and the Samurai, defendit numerus

Takatsuki Katsuki
人生の意味 what's the meaning of life?
49 そうだろ?dum spiro spero!!

Uh, nanunanu que pasa
A little quid pro quo you'll get your tomorrow
That's manana, kyou atsui
But I keep it cooler than beer out the brewery

Know SEMMY? My life 鮮やかに
Sunrise sunset 転がる軽やかに
おいでよsweet devil's advocate

Tempus fugit when you’re having fun
Carpe diem like I got a calendar and a gun
With that jenesequa making Jennies say ah
And, that’s the truth no mentirosa
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