The 49ers

"Dope Emcee"

Verse 1: Jas Mace & Marchitect
Jas Mace
Place your bets I'll even give you a head start
Spot y'all a couple of points we off the charts

Get on your marks, I'll start it with a bang like a starter gun
I run over the tracks need a rhyme better borrow one

Jas Mace
Yeah, who said The 49ers greedy
When we equally distribute Ls like the DMV

Emcees envy, showing jealousy
Because we make jaws drop like leprosy
I know you saw us rocking out in SOBs
What is it a blizzard?
We make the metro freeze

Jas Mace
Okay you can move again
Box you up like we're moving in
Put it down like a hooligan
And f*ck up your game so bad you got to start again
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