The 49ers


Verse 1: Marchitect
Save pennies for rainy days get dollars on the sunny ones
Everyone want to pour me a drink like I'm 21
Step out the spotlight, into my real life
Sometimes that's real low, other times real tight
Cruising through midtown bumping my own sh*t
I could live in a castle I'd still look out for the homeless
And you know this man, I got a focused plan
I miss my friends in Tokyo, I got to go to Japan
And I really miss Cannes, got to get back to France
I might fly there right now my jet pack is advanced
I get back in advance, I strike preemptive
A little flash of brilliance just a slight demented-ness
Miss, should have read the resume
Long as we're free then we're staying up everyday
One up, one mic, and one love
But that's only have the story like OJ with one glove

Hook: Jas Mace & Marchitect
Somewhere in the atmosphere
Way above the clouds kicking this rap here
We climb and we elevate
Cause we rhyme and we meditate

Verse 2: Jas Mace
I took time off, turned my mind off and got my thoughts together
Remembered better days when we weren't afraid of the bad weather
We'd just smile and put our foot through a puddle
Dreamed of going far, reaching for the stars in a shuttle
Galaxies beyond here, the universe was so clear
Like our mind's third eye was the Hubble
Expanded like a bubble, don't know when it went pop
But damn I wish we got a warning sign or something
They say the writing's on the walls
But around here graffiti's against the law
And hindsight doesn't really make it alright
Because damage is the hardest thing to manage
Mistakes can either make you or break you
Learn the lessons, or get swallowed in depression
Forget that I got a lot of thread on my tires
For another million miles so we're rolling
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