The 49ers

"This Goes Out To You"

Verse 1: Marchitect
And I'm a keep it way raw just like Ray-Law
24/7 yes we're repping no days off (nope)
That's how we connect now brand new hemisphere
Worldwide operation running out of Delaware
Every year it expands never ever second tier (nah)
Get ya cameras adjust your lens capture every second yeah
For my people we put it down for ya (uh, yep)
Every time we hold court we represent like lawyers

Verse 2: Jas Mace
We international traveling
Worldwide rapping
Channeling connecting in
Over lands like Olympic javelin
Time managing
Interviewing in foreign studios again
Let's begin (let's begin)
And get around like Mary Magdalene and them
Plastic cup and paper bagging them
Dropping verses on the street that's earth shattering
And damaging in the booth nothing's really mattering (nah)
Words pausing in a sec, Slice bring it in

Hook: DJ Slice
This goes out to you, and you (baby, whole world)

Verse 3: Roshi

Verse 4: Ray-Law
これぞWorld Wide 皆、Allright?
Hip Hop漬けのAll Day,All Night

Hook: DJ Slice
This goes out to you, and you (baby, whole world)

Verse 5: Jas Mace
And now we're back with a new style (new style)
And keep it realer than film projectors from the old times (old times)
This is how we right rhymes ill concepts in the mind
That materialize and are heard worldwide

Verse 6: Roshi

Verse 7: Marchitect
We're good, we're thorough we're Delaware Destroyers (uh)
You froze in the light like a Tokyo Tourist
The only time we stop rapping and when we reach the chorus (you know)
The girlies get the flowers bruh, we don't need a florist (nah)

Verse 8: Ray-Law
解説しよう!Hip Hopの良さ!
型に囚われない表現 そしてこの音源
ビックリ仰天 粋なBeatに乗っけてRhymesの光線

Hook: DJ Slice
This goes out to you, and you (baby, whole world)

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