The 49ers

"Let’s Party"

Intro: Jas Mace
Yeah, uh huh, that's what I like to hear, good music, ya know what I'm saying something to groove to

Verse 1: Jas Mace
Tonight is the night that you don't want to miss Ms
Tell all your friends don't be late alright kiss kiss
And we gonna get it poppin' real early (uh huh)
On to the break of dawn De La slowly (yeah)
And we gonna take our time and just groove (just groove)
Don't even think about it just move (just move)
And let it do what it does (uh)
Sophisticated freaks laid out in the tub
And they're on some touchy touchy
Whispered in my ear don't talk just owwww
Yeah that's what I'm talking about
Grown folks party over here and we don't walk it out
Unless you're stepping out to the balcony
All these girls looking pretty birds eye of the city (yes)
The 49ers in the background
Don't put your drink down let's do another round

Chorus: Thurro
Get up out your seats
Cause it's our time, it's that time
I came to party, party
Let's roll, don't say no
See I don’t heard all that shhhh before
Let's party, party
Move your body right beside me
Lovely lady drive me crazy
While we party, let's party, yeah!
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