The 49ers


Chorus: Thurro
I got problems that I'm trying to fix
A couple obstacles in my mix
I got problems that I'm trying to solve
A few issues I gotta resolve

Verse 1: Marchitect
Leaky roof, squeaky wheels (uh, yeah)
I'm dead broke, let's keep it real (yep)
Cause even if I went and made a couple of mill
It couldn't pay me back for how I've struggled for years
I don't need a Maybach
I need my people that died back
Because me and them, we go way back
Y'all ought to pay back everything you owe me
Cause when I come to collect, you act like you don't know me homie
Long arms, but short memories
More money more problems with more enemies included
With them haters sold separately
Went down to the station and told everything
Man, I ain't gotta job
I'm trying not to rob
I know I'm not the mob I'm trying to be responsible
Dodging these obstacles focused like binoculars
Instead of watching sideline sitting somewhere tropical
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