The 49ers


Verse 1: Jas Mace
This the H2O flow here to hydrate your soul (yeah, uh)
Break out the mold as we stay on the go
The ink flows between lines until it reaches the side (uh huh)
And then it, starts again making this world cause I'm god (god)
But that ain't nothing special cause the elements in all of us (all of us)
From smallest to tallest, man it's all the same purpose – one (uh)
This ain't a verse it's a sutra
Something that yogis and roshiis will get you open to (tell em)
You're not used to it, it's pure fluid (nuh uh)
Accept it for what it is don't analyze this, or that (nah)
Cause that will leave your mind trapped (trapped)
Of this world but not a part of it, see this is how it started (started
It's the harmony like ebony and ivory keys (uh)
Played to the tune of a moon pulling seas
The notes that I quote can't be wrote with a pen (nuh uh)
But felt between your skin, close your eyes and let it in (let it in)

Water is the liquid of life, as vital as the air you breath
Nowadays most of us expect to carry no more
Water is delivered to us where we need it, whenever we want it
Turn the faucet and there is water

Verse 2: Marchitect
I'm known to be in more than 3 states (uh)
My flow is rock solid, my tour is 30 dates (yeah)
Conduct it's electric the orchestra sways (yeah)
Without me I doubt that you could see for days (uh)
Yeah I stay up in your system, like I was a felon (yeah)
These rhymes will bust your head as if it was a melon (what's good)
The dough was just a trickle and now the river's swelling (yeah)
The dam is going to break boy, yo I tried to tell them
That we're oxygen a couple hydrogen (uh, uh)
We rising to the top again can't touch me I'm too hot for them (nah)
Your style is more poor (pour) than a pitcher
You got a little handle, you're never getting richer (uh)
We cover ¾ths of the world (you know)
That's why I'm splashing in the tub with some girls (splash splash)
Every morning when I rise I get high like the tide (uh)
Stone cold on the mic, there ain't no water in my eyes (nah)

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