Kid Buu


[Intro :]

[Verse 1: Tee Grizzley]
3.5 in my state
I f*ck a brown but [?]
Money at the house, it's not in no safe
Touch that sh*t, he getting shot in his face
Still 50 K in a day [?]
I need the other 50 before I hop on the stage
I couldn't see it when I was loading up K's
Couldn't see this when I was choppin up caine
You know I got me a main
She see you DM me and she blocking your page
Draco on a serfboard, get off the beach if you not on the wave
I give you a chance, ain't say sh*t
[?] drip
2020 year, that's a spaceship

[Verse 2: Kid Buu]
200 on the dash, I race
Give a hoe di*k while you face her
Uzi got kick back [?]
That's [?] chopper say slat
Hundred racks in one night
Private jet, b*tch I'm on a flight
You can get chipped like a chip like
My money don't lag, [?]
My wrist like [?]
On my teath, big rings

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