Baptized (Remix) lyrics


Deante’ Hitchcock

[Intro: Johnny Venus & Deante' Hitchc*ck]
Woah, woah, woah, woah-woah (Yeah, yeah, I'm a)
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah (I'm a, I'm a)
Barack Obama lookin' at me (Step right up, step right up)
What's up? What's up?

[Verse 1: Deante' Hitchc*ck]
Welcome, come one, come all, it's the apoca-lock-your-lips
Or get popped with the pocket rocket ship
This cross the transatlantic, the damage deep as the agua is
Nah, this ain't my strap, this my partner's sh*t
Baby, where I stay, we all be sharin' guns like Sasuke
Tell baby I say, I say to my miss, she call me God, she be trippin'
But I be trippin' 'cause I don't see enough God in me there to listеn
Nah, it's different, but I'm still the samе n*gga in some capacity
So please don't say my name in vain 'cause n*ggas will blast for me
If the police shoot me down, burn this b*tch to the ground
f*ck all that Martin Luther sh*t, these n*ggas emptyin' rounds
Martin Luther, martial law, we marchin', lootin' Marshall's, lettin' off them Ks
That's MLK, revolution, top, pop it off
I got both eyes closed 'cause I'm tryna see out this other one
Fee-fi-fo, tell Goliath that I ain't stuntin' him
Nah, I see it's bigger than him and bigger than me
I peeped it's not so big at all, when you hit that water, you'll see

[Verse 2: Hollywood JB]
Back against the water, broke through it when I wrote this
Magnum opus, tore down all layers
Never looked up to rappers, only ball players
Especially in a figurative sense
Averaged a decent percent in my stint off the bench
Imagine if I put my power forward (For real)
You know, really start dunkin' and sh*t
It's why I'm big on fundamentals now
See, I'm a quarry if the query exist
Do not poke holes in sugarcoated theories, they said (I mean)
The world been nearin' this end (Come on)
Why you out here fearin' some man with scary tactics
Fully draped in cheap fabrics?
How pitiful, the world more than physical

[Chorus: Johnny Venus]
I'ma baptize n*ggas, let's get baptized
I'ma baptize n*ggas, let's get baptized
'Bout to baptize n*ggas, let's get baptized
I'ma baptize n*ggas, let's get baptized

[Verse 3: IDK]
Uh, ridin' in my X6, textin' my ex b*tch
Tellin' her that I am on my way to the next b*tch
Conference call with Netflix, should I go to HBO?
Labels goin' public, get me on that IPO
Got acres up in Joshua, Michael Jordan endorsements
Reggie, Ethan sendin' boxes up, I put those f*ckers on
And watched the StockX stock go up
I made my chain in platinum and I still ain't even platinum yet
You a little boy to me, n*gga, I kiss you on your forehead
Then tell the b*tch you planning' on marryin', "Gimme more head"
How can I take advice from a n*gga that's gettin' no bread?
How can I take a flight less than private when we in COVID?
Enough said, bloodshed, hide body, backyard, shut shed
Borrow money, week later, D-Bo, now I'm like, "What bread?"
f*ck Fred, n*gga, f*ck Jen, n*gga, f*ck you, n*gga, f*ck them
Ain't got for no fakin', pretendin', and walkin' 'round actin'
'Cause n*gga, we not friends

[Chorus: Johnny Venus]
I'ma baptize n*ggas, let's get baptized
I'ma baptize n*ggas, let's get baptized
'Bout to baptize n*ggas, let's get baptized
I'ma baptize n*ggas, let's get baptized

[Verse 4: Erick The Architect]
Kush and the ego, they said to pretend it's lit (Uh-huh)
The more that they misinformed, the more irritated I get (Uh-huh)
I strike with the pad and pencil, invincible mistrals
What's on your mental will rack your temple by tenfold
The pinnacle, profit while the preyin' from the weak
Nothin' changin' but the days when all the infantry is sheep (Yeah)
Black is instantly unique (Uh-huh), you won't put us on that leash (No)
And to breed imagination, all you gotta do is speak (Mm-hm)
But they finicky, I get it now
Divine energy, vibratin' through surround sound
Soundin' off, I evolve with my goddess
Unfettered, unpolished, split rock like the rose
Pop rose when he got it
I done seen the brighter moments in the darkness (Yeah)
Now they movin' heartless, ain't easy usin' coffins
Try to fix the quota but my people moving targets
Why the strongest soldiers gotta live through life the hardest? (Tell me)
All out history washin' in the Listerine
Seen the imagery through the eyes of Huey P
God bless my little Gs, I christen thee
Try to feed a village with the Spillage
Apostles not imposters, there ain't nothin' you could sell us, boy

[Verse 5: Zombie Juice]
Submerged, physical, came out the water spiritual, uh
Seen the light, blink twice, just seen a miracle, nah
They been waitin' for this (Uh-huh), like Pop comin' back
The seven day theory, they immortalize the wrong n*ggas
Man, it's just scary, wear my heart on my sleeve
Protect my all by any means, gotta retain my energy
f*ck you thought, you wish that I would fall off? Nah
Risin' like my planet's alignment, all my chakras, the climate is heavy
The time is now, I'm tryna be happy, like, for real
But every time I look up, someone is gettin' killed
That remind me of my son or myself
Can't understand how they feed off hate
Project they insecurities while we tryin' to be great
Greater than reason and fate
Show them success is sustainable, susceptible
Maintainin' it, they only show you the glory, not the pain it took
I wanna fly away, reach the sky
Pray for better days, if I don't act now, those prayers will just fade
My intuition sharp, cuttin' through like a blade
My spider sense, I think we hunnies from Heaven

[Chorus: Johnny Venus]
I'ma baptize n*ggas, let's get baptized
I'ma baptize n*ggas, let's get baptized
'Bout to baptize n*ggas, let's get baptized
I'ma baptize n*ggas, let's get baptized (Yeah)
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