"Droppin’ Seeds Interlude"

[Verse 1]
Yo I just wanna fly away
Into the clouds
To meet the gods
Cause i got something to say
Now Why did god
Make us evil
This is not okay
Whenever life is handing lemons
I Eli-minate
Like problems
I got hella problems
At one point
I thought suicide was gonna f*cking solve em
But then i got some money
And i'm paying for my college
Soccer professor
Because you know I kick knowledge
Know that i'm a savage
Remember doing drugs
I was addicted to the acid
Love Sex Drugs
You know I like my women classy
But Behind closed doors we can still get nasty
di*k inside her body
Cause I like the way it splashes
I can do it raw or I can take you with the rubber
But either way it go my di*k is stretching you like flubber
I'm a lover
Like I said
I'm a Muhf*cking lover

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