"The Story Of 47"

[Verse 1]
It was long nights in Rio
In a poverty village
And my town
Was never fit for an image
6 pounds and 4 ounces
Was my weight at the birth
And as a young lil n*gga I couldn’t find out my worth, man
Let’s skip to fourth grade
When I rocked a temp fade
I was hitting licks with my friends trynna get paid
Cause mom ain’t have no money coming
We got first aid
The food stamps assisted
In the paint
Call it D Wade
Moms got trapped in military
She was stationed in Iraq
And a n*gga thought that sh*t was scary
I had a one way flight to Amerikkka
The land of the free in SC with my granny

(I ain’t even gonna lie when I got here it was country as f*ck bruh)

[Verse 2]
Sixth grade
At E.L Wright Middle School
I thought the sh*t was lame
And the met was too minuscule
Then I met a n*gga by the name of J Po
He taught me the way of life
He Gangbanged and slanged dope
Was Dr. Orpilla
Man I hated the class
And I was missing my villa
I think of columbine
Every time I walk in her class
I wasn’t f*cking with it
Now I wonder how I could pass
My n*gga Dee
Was the smartest thug in every block
He made straight A’s
And he could still tote around a Glock
Yeah we pop sh*t
Rotate it like the orbit
I’d never trust a n*gga that was wearing black forces

(Them n*ggas is a different breed)

[Verse 3]
RNE is R and B
Where the R stands for rap
And the B is for beef
Back in 9th grade
sh*t chill
10th grade
Got real
f*cking with me
About the MYP
Man I hate n*ggas
Call me uncle ruckus
Had a crush on mani
Shot my shot like a musket
A hit or miss
Stay on fort
Like my n*gga Chris
n*gga graduated
Kudogang got a n*gga lit
Getting way too off topic
Wearing off white
With the yeezy trynna get right
Lunch time meant the time to fight
And on late start mornings
I was High as a kite

(Ummm, Okay)

[Verse 4]
For the future I’m just live rich and lavish
With a bad b*tch
Thicky cause she eat her rice and cabbage
I’m a playboy
Call me 47 lil Hefner
And my son will not be f*cking with you lil heffers
And I don’t want a wife
Cause these hoes are too goofy
I remember when I caught my ex
Cheating at the movies
But if I get famous right off this rap sh*t
I’ll give back to the people
Not be so savage
If you sticking with me
Stick it with me
And I ain’t even trynna be the goofy
That was looking hella stupid
Shot my shot
Just like I’m calling Cupid
And the dreams of me and you together
Are Way too damn lucid

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