"EXECUTION (Freestyle)"

b*tch, Huh?

[Verse 1:]
Smoking on this gas
Yeah I’m getting lifted
b*tch ain’t got a ride so she had to lyft it
Put a Beam
On ya head
Like a hat
It’s fitted
Point a beam
To my head
Suicide I’m tempted
Feelin like
Deja vu
If you ain’t sucking di*k
I know dasia do
And she bounce on di*k just like a kangaroo
You need a go-pro
To see my point of view
I’m four seven shawnn
Slapping her ass
Like the beat
b*tch think she vegan
I give her The meat
She Pull it out
Suck it
She come take a seat
She claiming she vegan?
Let’s find out and see
I f*ck with you
Yeah I get the bread
I chase the revenue
On my pimp sh*t
I want a prostitute
Yeah I scramble brains
I call it
I’m stepping hard
I’m like a cowboy boot
I switch the flow up
Like a substitute
I Can’t f*ck with you, you
And you
And you
You, oh and you too

(That was just a little f*cking Freestyle)

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