[Intro: SEBii]
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Alright, alright
We're so alike (Like)
Alright, alright (Alright)
I think she might

[Chorus: SEBii]
Slide, slide, slide, slide
I'ma do my dance, diamonds, yeah, they dance
Yeah, I be so fried, fried, fried, fried
I be eating Five Guys, I be holding five fries

[Verse 1: ericdoa]
Always say he taking dubs, not no moments to lose
Separation, all the ties, spend them moments with you
I need timе to rewind and feel better
Wrotе out my heart, I chopped it up in these sealed letters
I don't know why you trying to keep me down
My brain's numb, why the f*ck would I feel now?
I packed my bags, I'm finding a way to leave town
Top up my lungs, I'm finding a way to reach out

[Verse 2: SEBii]
Yeah, find a way to reach out
Break a leg, your knee's out
When I scream they can't hear me shout
If I lose it, I'll have all this doubt
Yeah, lose it, lose it
My mind, I think I'm a loser
Yeah, these trips I gotta chew it
And you can't hear, yeah, prove it
Going hard, stupid
My flow is so stupid
Fell in love like Cupid
Fell in love, you knew this
I might take it all away, yeah, I want it that way
I got these racks all in my face
So much I can't even face
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