Louie Zong


Pulling out the driveway, looking at the house
I remember on a Friday, that was when we moved in
I was kinda scared, didn't recognize the route
Short sale, didn't know what that's about
Momma told me that we leaving, said we gotta bounce
Couldn't find a place, we were looking all around
What about my friends? I just transferred in September
What if we won't talk now? What if they don't remember?
Came from Orange County, they had everything aplenty
Now I'm in Rancho, the people aren't too many
I was just a junior, in the middle of my term
Sweating with anxiety, what if I crash and burn?
And what if I don't find my place to fit in
In this world that's way too big for me?
I'm praying, no I'm crying, out to Jesus just to let it be
But He didn't do it
I guess it was time for me to go and face the music
Made it off of winter, and I'm looking for the spring
Sitting on the curb, waiting for life to begin
Now I'm singing praises for the blessings all in store
Made it to tomorrow, so now I'ma praise the Lord, yeah

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