Quin NFN


I'm not tryna beef with no brokies or rats (On gang)
Mama hate when I drive ’cause she know that I ride with like 2 or 3 pieces in the back (Lotta smoke)
You can get tag with this beam on this MAC (Fa Fa)
I came to the top with my team on my back
Sippin' that * plus some green to relax
VVS my diamonds my jeans full of racks
I'm high in the stu’ rollin' leaf
We dropping n*ggas like 3 *
Call me Chris Brown 'cause I beat b*tch (Gang, hol on)

My gang with the sh*ts and they know it
Receivin back hand for like 10 and i blow it
My car too expansive for n*ggas to tow it
I was just young watching B.E.T
She giving knowledge , G.E.D (Nogginn')
Pass him the nugget, CP3
Imma slide *, DVD

My young n*ggas moppin', these n*ggas know how we robbing, my young n*ggas can't be beat
(Fa Fa Fa Fa)
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