Never On Time lyrics


Quin NFN

Pew pew pew

We said he can't hang for nothing
We really came from hustlin'
I got lil' partners they cross it back then as a youngin' when I got a name and got and buzzin' (they came)
I done grew up and made n*ggas hate me I was really 8 deep on the floor with my cousins
I'm strapped with that iron blow it like some AC call it Quin KD when you see me I'm clutchin' (bow bow bow)
I had to get to it
Ain't complaining bout nothing I get through it
Lotta starvin' at night I done been through it
Play the cut watch them young n*ggas spin to it we making spin music
We don't do politics
Playing close if you f*ck with the opposite
Sending 'bows to lil' bro on my momma sh*t
Baby 9 known to shoot like Stojaković (bow bow bow)
From the dirt to the TV
Wide body whip, a GT (damn)
Cartier watches with VVs
I was on feet tryna pass out a CD
They ain't believe me now the like how we paid
I gotta move with my heat like I'm D-Wade
Copped two 30's now I'm startin' to see things
Might buy my son whatever if he behave
We tryna go get the sack for the family so we be in the streets steady tryna get active
Can't never wife me a b*tch but in love with these 50's and 100's I find them attractive
Switches on switches these hoes automatic
He got clapped down without even reacting
Stand on that business ain't no way around it bring sum to the table and get you a fraction (yuh)
Get trophy and split it with all us
F&N hit his chest make him ball up
I was blessed you can't tell me it's all luck
Take him on a high speed if I'm caught up
I know he talk tough but these n*ggas don't got it these n*ggas cap as a hoe they ain't nobody
I got a moneybag on me like Yo Gotti
Don't ever say that you do if you don't got it (whole lotta money on me)
Walk in the spot with some fitness
Took a few L's but the taught me a lesson
Now I'm on top of the turkey like dressin'
Young n*ggas slide send 'em right to the Reverend
Came out the 4 now I'm labeled a legend
Down on my di*k I couldn't pay for a session
Now when you see me I'm flexing this paper a fetish
Whole lotta sliding a whole lotta news
Whole lotta pink 50's whole lotta blues
Whole lotta watches a whole lotta jewels (ay)
How you gon' fix somethin' and don't got a tool? (ay)
You at your b*tch house and don't got a room
10 just to step out in designer shoes (ay)
Go grab the mop since we don't got a broom
We gon' beat up the Glock we don't play by the rules
Yuh yuh, play by the rules yuh
Fans been on my ass tellin' me "drop this sh*t, this sh*t ain't never on time"
But it still come every time, it's f*ckin hard
Yuh yuh
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