Wildflowers lyrics


Paul Williams

I walk blindly through a field of wildflowers
Searching now and long and endless hours
For the meaning of, the simple meaning of, the wildflowers
Wandering aimlessly i feel a strange force call me
While tripping to the call i turn and stumble
And i fall upon by mere chance upon, one special flower

One special flower, that to my suprise, won't be in my eyes
Standing out from all the others
Flower fairy something rare it lives and shows it
Its beauty is its power and it knows it
To love and free itself
To know and be itself, a wildflower

One special flower, no longer all alone
A better way is shown, through this field of wildflowers

Hearts aglow ill walk i know like rainbows bursting
With colours in the air for rainbows bursted
I find the air is new, my love will guide me through, the wildflowers
I walk blindly through a field of wildflowers
(I walk blindly through a field of wildflowers)
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