​billy woods


[Verse 1: Billy Woods]
He retired from the burners, Anthony Bourdain
Rotted on his old crew like David Mustang
The evil that men do, who knew it would all fit in a bit of cellophane
Click the TV, check the weather before I go back to plane
JFK bound J Train, passport don’t got my slave name
I’m right over Al Roker’s shoulder holding the sign in the rain
I gave you power, Kim Jong Illmatic
Pinky and the Brain, life’s a board game
Milton Bradley, she’s a cold b*tch but I’m loving her madly
Captain save a hoe like Boo Radley
In basements and attics rapping badly
On purpose, ran away to join the circus
Came home with one leg, a thousand yard stare, condition nervous
On the bright side the medal was forged, distinguished service
Pot called the kettle, let him know the Shekels was worthless
Hansel and Gretel, your child protected
Heavy metal in the water, it’s a Chinese election

[Verse 2: Priviledge]
Monday morning trolley chaser
Carmel machiatto vanilla chai tasters
Exist in a new era, it’s morning in America
As time passes, still building fences with troy maxim
Late August, rest laurels on a olive branch due north of the discourses
Liberal politics pop culture and sports go
As long as things important from the terror say your not no
Let him speak no bad words ‘bout King Barack
Scoffs at all the homeless n*ggas getting your block
Singing senju forget me not
Cup of morning joe at the neighborhood hotspot
Because memories last thought that I got, oh my God
For Iraq to an integrated work station, where the cops
Like to come drop they hard earned wop on the top
Of the counter and return for a spotter
Whack God everybody running back like gold chopper

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