​billy woods

"B More"

[Verse 1: Billy Woods]
Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pawned it
Weak and weary, through dingy curtains
The movement of serpents lurking
Pinch-faced merchants, they have the last thing you need
And all it cost is everything you have
Only the slave is truly free, put pen to pad
But the truth never comes, empty out the bag
But instead of a boost, you’re numb
And the raving ain’t done
Perched above my chamber door
Having this fun, wings black as the dead son
Anti-matter, he put his hands on my mom
And all I wanted for Christmas was a gun
Watch the blood spatter, don’t trust anyone
One kiss, I knew something was wrong
She didn’t try to lie, the woman was already gone
Too little, too late like always, pack the suitcase, two-faced
Perhaps, but that helps if you want to watch your back
You pay for the things you do, you pay with the life you lead
Go tell it on the mountain, these n*ggas got mouths to feed
Mounds of deed, bag up by lamp light
In the shadow of that gas leak burned

[Verse 2: Zesto]
Everyday we pray we see more life
Though the world may get more trife
Everyday of my life, I still rock the air justice
Sling the wise, them other truck and cash crops
Mind controls to sucker loving mascots
Eat your heart, but do it to the bomb flow
Are you depressed, no fetti in the banco
That’s a set up chuck, beyond Matrix
Free your mind with facts, follow the basics
Who can you, trust the world is a fast who
Watch your back or they stick it in your as*h*le
The tax is real the gift is a hair gun
The job’s to kill, the bloods on your hand son
Sip the medicine, inhale the toxins
Speak to the dead, reclaim your profits
The is not a stock option, the stockpiles of the raw
Planetary rocking

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