​billy woods

"Wheel of Fortune"

[Verse 1: Masai Bey]
They call me worthless citizen
If I scream like Sam Kinison they'll try to give me Ritalin
If I scream like Marcus Garvey they’ll give me a new jacket
Or a cell with hours for visiting, my new institutional hell
Convincing my family and friends I'm delusional
On a quack's couch trying not to do a Tom Cruise and all
Freedom of speech in theory is constitutional
But the constitution is null and void as usual
The ultra is truly tapping in
Just because you’re paranoid don't mean it ain't happening
If your ass got a safe seat, strap it in fast
Channel the soul of a solar panel
Cause we're running out of gas and ammo
The try to stop prophets that awaken the people
Cause the now what'll stop stop prophets and what stops evil
The passing of the dollar bill will be vetoed
And the revolution will definitely not be TeVo'ed

Verse 2: Priviledge]
He said all is asking for cash and props
He never poured much stock in bondage stocks
As the economy drops, eyes are fixed with a foreboding lock
Once it hits the bottom, I'mma cop the whole pot
Every brunette will be all over my c*ck
Cable channel while I'm watching in Boston
In fact kids call me Christmas attacks
He riffs the Ripperton and emits on the track
Now watch the ticker tape as it falls so fast
Credit to false swaps, stashed in a burlap sack
Out back with a card attached that red
Thanks for being a friend, love us.gov
Now send it to the World Bank on the hush, hush
No must to fuss with us and large with [?]
You not working get a job, spark and wiggles
Marches principle sends you straight to the animal farm
Away from civilization with a capital [?]
You know it’s pretty criminal to leverage a principal
Thirty times over in a Ponzi scheme
I seen it once in a Fonzi dreams sequence
[?] sit com with a grown up old beat
Awkward shaking bet you hear the bankroll
For they see thou faking, delivered to your home
In an electric [?] personally by Tim Geithner
Sir and’ll be sure to inspire invested confidence
Amidst the muck and mire of the market
The street is aflutter, so is my head
A lot of families got screwed up
[?] it's mad money on my mind and I know you can tell

[Verse 3: Billy Woods]
Facing foreclosure, it’s the eye of the beholder
You see a boarded up duplex, I see a copper mine
That's the power of positive thinking
That's the genius of my work-from-home
Online free money system, the road to addition is paid
With debt consolidation forms, arm, leg, and your first born
Midnight marauders robo-calls on my answering machine
Piña coladas at the Marriott Wichita falls with seminar
Living the dream, clutching your credit
Learn how to make so much money you can't spend it
As seen in USA Today, who are they to say
Your pursuit of happiness isn’t Fresh Prince status
Even Michael moved to Beverly Hills
f*ck Dookey go and pay the bills
Piled up like flapjacks, flipped his house like news cracks
n*gga-rich, boy just bought a cadillac
Three bedroom, two baths and hackey-sack
Black, I'll definitely holler if your S and B bounce back

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