​billy woods

"Double Jeopardy"

[Verse 1: Priviledge]
Super Chron came through, we use the brain to torch ‘em
Represent the left and right hemispheres, the beats [?]
Hold ‘em in lockstep, protects cerebral cortexes
My chalice tripping with song residue let in too
Many state senators, asking what it do
Cause the members coming at you with the prelude
To what's sent after kiss, big whiff of what I miss
Fifty-thousand fans looking on, wondering what’s amiss
With this, we the hella merry cat and mouse, kinda very
Tom ampersand Jerry, serotonin flowing all over this motherf*cker
I mean the state of [?] hazes making waves a brother never ever
Knew another strain to rattle the frame, turned a grand daddy
Had my hypothalamus challenging the ability to properly
Take in oxygen O2, stop me if you've heard this one
But either still zoo, these intellectual peons need to be gone
In the face of this super chronic fellowship [?]
Who didn't see the interviews relevant, combined for
Over three-hundred on the potion for intelligence
Notions that we not knowing enough, I mean we met with
Fierce resistance cause that’s [?] fire to [?]
And drop that revisionist history you reading off
In the bomb fire by the red ribbons bleeding heart
That's the meanest part, it ain't easy keeping greener
Than a hybrid car, lyrics clean as spell
Style clean as the floor to hell, wrote sounds and tones
The pass through the temple lone, but can't [?]
Lies of minds, some you'll find quite [?]
I might stay desire [?], with all due respect
Who's next to feel the wrath of my motor cortex
Vocalize a vortex, birth a new style
And toss aside the bloody forceps
Earth's wild, we couldn't do what now
We can’t yet, still playing kicking with the ill top chill set
Hill street fools on a never ending skill craft
My cerebellum tells the only thing that’s relevant
All higher mental processes

[Verse 2: Billy Woods]
Beaucoup coin count it in Monte Christo
But equal did it for revenge, got dollars by the fistful
Unforgiven like [?] set him up to do a year [?]
Jack on time from right up the contraband
Now he got a rough idea of nights I was up plotting the plan
The black Iago, escape Babylon on the last whirly bird out of [?]
Orders on chain, I'm already in hearse with the fake name
Hop a freight train, box car willie, switch coats with the gentlemen
Gave him some for his Philly, no rush really, truth be told
Watch your wife leave you is worth the wait
Amazing what you can see with
A pair of binoculars on a clear day
Of course the picture she got was photoshopped
And I confess to being the one
Who planted those rocks on your son
Heard he had it rough on the cellblock
That’s gotta hurt, especially since you're a cop
Oh wait, I forgot, you're on administrative leave
Pending investigation to the suspicious accounts overseas
You never seem him before but your desk drawer is full of receipts
Sounds pretty sticky to me but look I gotta go
An appointment with your daughter Vicky at three
It's rather easy to find people in college
She wants to be a psychologist of something
On which I’m significantly polished
But my heart still belongs to the stage
So screw this [?] or one of the bar's lesser plays
A [?] Veronica's moment as the cigar blazed

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