​billy woods

"Rap City"

[Verse 1: Billy Woods]
They feeling it, L’s in the sky, we concentrate on trees like they bonsai
Ethically cope with cod, but dead sober when stakes is high
Blood in my eye on the cover, who can’t be stopped
Early nineties hospital smock, chucking cell in my hand
[?] I don’t need to land, 1492 green island, red man
The most beautifulest thing in this world is a fool proof plan
Could have fooled me fam, famous last words
Like lets pool these grams, a wolf in sheep’s clothes
And here to rule these lands
Terminator X how the speak with they hands
Spark the beef while you can worth of your man
(They got the ill communications)
Stack bricks in secret like a mason seeking full illumination
Wake up in brand new world next to the same old girl
Succulents and [?] in a colorful swirl, compliments to the grower
Put twenty-five on that doja, it’s the 09 operation stack-o-la

[Verse 2: Priviledge]
And some [?] ways and means [?]
Fictitious [?] factual remedy
Actual pinch-y, natural splintering of wood grain
[?] home invasion
[?] entering phases, fixated in a Freudian fashion
Latency placing me outside the [?] of patiency
Pleasure pleasing pursuits, Jim Martinis
[?] driving roof, perfect picture, observe the scripture
Operating [?] from based organization chased [?] rooms
Sheraton convention rooms, spaceship pews
Dry chicken dinner few pepper flakes
[?] the faces of them fools
Them rules ‘round determination to loose all
Dog-arn screws, too tall tale twisters
Wring [?] all [?] ’til they purple
Sitting there discussing [?] with Angela Merkel
You are gone

[Verse 3: MarQ Spekt]
Eight-ball in the palm of the hand, yours an easy payment
Lower your blood clot pressure, there’s agrees a statement
These rappers rap, so y’all ain’t seem creative, but in reality
It’s no substance, just inebriated, we ain’t invest in assets
They just appreciated, so you goddam right I gotta write [?]
The pigs came through and had you hogtied
And I ain’t gotta let this song cry, to catch
The long eye reach search groups like the Carlisle
Build your burgers or ask Asher Roth child
I cut a line in his face, he looking argyle
Oh yeah baby dog you know it’s all mine
The invisible Iraqi armor stockpile
And I wouldn’t son y’all n*gga, you just my godchild
When I take from thieves, that made God smile
Biting in the back seat, f*cking Trump
Show you what he [?] you mother skunk
Who wanna rump, black out, he a ugly duck
He got it bundled up, he cup runneth all over
When he run amok, he ride the beat like a dun ta dun
Pull up alongside y’all n*ggas and jump the trunk
It’s to my crooks who got they reps on the street
And to them cops that was dead on the beat
They’ll make you put your head with your feet
Ain’t the type to pull it, he just a cyber bullet
He quick to turn out when sh*t get wild and [?]

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