Doja Cat


I'm a cow, I'm a cow
I ain't no cat, I don't say meow
b*tch, I'm a cow, b*tch, I'm a cow
I ain't no cat (No)
And I don't even say

Thats what you say to me
When I'm all in your pus*y
We do it in the shower, water fall on your back
We stay a little longer
I'ma make it feel longer

Close your eyes, yeah
Lemme spread your legs for ya (For you)
And tie you to your bed, aw yeah
Got me so f*cking thirsty, aw yeah


I'ma bring your leg up (Leg)
I'ma f*ck you from the side, I know you love it (Oh yeah)
Put my thumb in your ass
I'ma do anything you ask (Go shawty)
Especially when that ass so fat
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