Doja Cat


All the girls like me, and their mans (Ayy, aah)
Unisex (Okay, okay), unisex
I'm for all the ladies and gentleman
I'm unisex, unisex (Hey, hey)

Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom
Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom
Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom (Hey)
Boom, boom (Yeah, I like it)

I got juices for him (I got juices for him), I got jobs for him (Jobs)
Here's the uniform (Here's the uniform)
You a corn on the cob, I'm a unicorn (I, woo, put it all on the back)
They all bump it in they rides, had to toot my horns (Had to toot, uh)
Had to do a little something I ain't do before (I had to do it)
Had to switch up on the ride, turned the roof to doors (Had to switch up on the-)
Make him feel some butterflies when I zoom the Porsche (Zoom the-)
Had to cop a couple bags, needed two of course
Hey, okay, okay
Assume position (Assume)
You ain't eating with us, honey you can do the dishes
We don't take no new auditions, it's a euphemism
f*ck what they been saying, y'all don't know what you been missing
Got the pink all on the pittin' looking too suspicious (Meow)
You're a bum, you're a bird, sweetie you a pigeon
Here's some crumbs, get the broom, get up out my kitchen
Take a lot to come and see me, you need supervision
You need supervision (Ayy, get it)
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