Doja Cat

"The Doja Cat Reply"

[Intro: Doja Cat]
Suck my --

[Verse: Big Ant Dog & Doja Cat]
Doja Cat fans on my di*k (Suck my --)
Thinkin' they the sh*t but the bit of the sh*t came off there as*h*les
Kill this sh*t like J. Cole with the poll I scroll these b*tches here (Suck my --)
They have some fear I kill this wit' some beer
Fam you gonna lie to sell your butt and tits
Name one lit track don't f*ck wit' me you sket (Suck my --)
I bet you try to respond shoot yo' ass like James Bond
Give your boyfriend a wound (if you get one) (Suck my --)
The round over like the sound here wit' my croud (Suck my --)
Screamin' f*ck Doja Cat she a rat hit her wit' the bat
Thinkin' yo ass is phat that is final
Threatening to f*ck a guy like you lie (Suck my --)
You music is gonna die so go and try and make a diss (Suck my --)
Drinkin' your own p*ss kiss my di*k for a apology
City Girls thinkin' they hard both you think they hard (Suck my --)
Until I show 'em the uno reverse card so ward to do a diss
Stab you like Chris who you gonna miss
You just mad about yo' ex had a small di*k (Suck my --)
Which you didn't like pullin' up on you like...
(Brr brr brr)
Doja you a sl*t put me on yo' name again (Suck my --)
Fake sellin' yo butt to your fans but sell it on racist chat (Suck my --)
b*tch you are a rat play wit' yo cat
That you a pus*y you fussy little b*tch (Suck my --)
Killin' you like Eminem send 'em sh*t to me again
Don't f*ck with me you slag you bag you rag you tag my name (Suck my --)
I got some fame with the tame b*tch please stop
Angry about yo clout goin' fast like Bolt (Suck my --)
Get angry about me and made a sh*t track
Called pus*y Talk I gonna walk away
You just stalk away you suckin' on pork you sl*t
Fry on your nose pretendin' you that X Kid (Suck my --)
This is the bid with the get rid of you
b*tch thinkin' she hard haha
(Suck my --)
Huh you likin' white people instead of anyone else
You can't make the right decisions this is the mission (Suck my --)
You gonna be dissin' someone else who is better than you
You be blow k-kissin' someone somewhere else (Suck my --)
Say So is debunked (Say So)
c*nt shut the f*ck up go suck a di*k or pus*y
You horny corny b*tch ass weirdo (Suck my --)
Scrawny little b*tch try starting on me too
This is the flu who you (Suck my --)
Sayin' racist sh*t on a tongue twister like
How much does a wood chuck you just got f*cked up
Put your tits away like you fell and go away (Suck my --)
Cardi B wannabe try to start on me too this a freestyle and a diss
You gonna miss
Suck my --
Shakin' yo ass about thinkin' you a model but you are in Nicki's shadow this is your shallow please drown in my town making tracks you gonna be smacked in your ass by a male (Suck my --)
If that sh*t was on sale I rather give my money to Burger King
You just a singer ming you are in Lana Del Ray's shadow too
On god you tryna be the best you a mod version of sh*t (Suck my --)
Tryna be lit now you should go back like 2015 bein' racist
And makin' tracks about black people (Suck my --)
This is the reply like I did to the other people
No cappin' you should not be rappin'
You tryna be scrappin' you tappin' sh*t
Your fan kids be fappin' sh*t wrappin' this sh*t up
b*tch you should not start on me (ah) (Suck my --)
b*tch you more cancelled than RiceGum
You gonna make guys c*m (Suck my --)
While I'm drinkin' this rum you fucckin' plum b*tch
f*ck you (Suck my --)

[Outro: Doja Cat & Creep]
Suck my di*k --
Oh my --

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