"Feelin’ Good -It’s PARADISE- (Retake Version)"

Feelin' Good
I've found paradise in this frustrating town
You're So Fine
I've seriously made up my mind
Now! I wanna be your MAN!
Feelin' Good
Feelin' Good

[Verse 1]
It's so crystal clear
To worry anymore would be trouble
For whatever reasons, I fall in love
I can't lie to myself
It starts with me sighing more and more everyday
Next, I'm always zoning out and my heart isn't into it
I make mistakes, and take it out on my parents
All I do is hate myself
What is she doing right about now?
Who on earth is responsible for all this?
"I won't ever fall in love again"
I think that, I force it, and soon I'm lovesick
What are you saying? It feels so tense
I can't explain it, fallin' in love
Even adults, even children will sympathize
The power of love! It feels so good
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