"Anthem (unreleased)"

Verse 1 ( lil chocie)
Icky bicky
Lil chocie needs her paper...periodt

Lil chocie on the track
Yeah you know i got these racks
Big houses, no tax
Hella paper i want stacks
Tryna feed me hungry jacks
I say bring my momma back
Yall b*tches talking wack
Finna hit you with a smack
Confidence is what you lack
Dont need no makeup dont want MAC
When the bands come in tie em up in a sack
Then run it back with my friends no cap
My money skinny, twiggy no sap
I must adress, hold up wheres the map
You mozzy b*tches yeah i zap
Then sit and watch as you fall in my lap

Verse 2 (moonchild)
Moonchild, im wild
Yall b*tches is tired
Bout to blow up on this track
Finna get you b*tches fired
Yall b*tches is expired, ur retired, im admired
Ur a crier
Imma fighter
Ur a renter
Imma buyer
We gonna make it big
Gonna sell out every gig
Finna snatch your b*tches wig
If you b*tches come to dig
Ill snap you like a twig

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