(Bigghomie Zu)
Boy why would you play with me ? (why would he?)
Ona block we shoot sh*t like a agency ( ?)
Member servin that weed in the hallway (gas)
Member poppin a n*gga in broad day
Dont play with me, got the drakes with me, keep a rack on me
Keep a pack on me, keep a strap so you can't do no jackin me ( no jackin)
I'll turn a n*gga block to a movie scene (get the clip)

(Bxndbaby KJ)
You know we not goin for nun of that
We shootin first ain't no dumpin back
Watch what you say in yo raps lil boy, we gone pull up where yo mama at (facts)
In the stu and I'm smokin a backwood (gas)
n*gga diss and get put in a backwood (facts)
These n*ggas ain't really on that drill sh*t all of that sh*t it just sound good (its cap)

(DC Dinero)
Im finna call Bankie up and then head to the block to make sure that thе pounds good (dem Ps)
All of yall cappin just sound good
We gone pull on yall block and yall damn shook (with drakеs)
Doodie got the drake in his bag that b*tch is a mini and it came with the brown wood
V let me tote the .38 when I was 15 so ain't no picking the rounds up (38 38 38)
Yall n*ggas cappin yall actors
Pop a X now I move alil faster
I got me a foreign so I been whippin this b*tch and Im moving right past ya
Its some apes on this side of the gate
You n*ggas is pus*y and fake, I can't relate
Yall n*ggas be talkin bout bows I remember I was selling the shake
You n*ggas was signing them statements how I can't believe that you be talkin to Jakes, get the f*ck out my face, the type of n*gga if you ruin my day imma up from the waist
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